Our miniature module

Miniature is not the display but the electronics. Our electronics fits exactly behind the display. In order to use no extra space we modified the display so the connector uses no additional space anymore. This is unique!

The included PowerBooster allows you to run the complete module from 5 Volt, even if the display lighting normally would need a higher voltage of 12 Volt.

This display can be used in portrait or landscape mode and is able to show 29 characters (6x8) in 22 lines (landscape) or 22x22 characters (portrait) and also colored graphics with a size up to 176 x 132 pixel. The size of the active display area is 2,1” and the module can be easily integrated everwhere.

The new D012 will also include an option for switching the light on and off with the microcontroller or dim the light by PWM.

Specs, Item # D012

Number of pixels




Size of display area


Size of module
with mounting frame:
with removed mt.frame:

56x51 mm(2.2"x2")
56x39 mm(2.2"x1.54")
10mm (0,4”) height


4.5-18 Volt

Needed lines from micro controller


Signal from micro controller (independent of power supply)

2,5 - 15 Volt

Connection pins

 1 x 10 (0,1”)

D012 mit und ohne rahmen 350

Use with (left) or without (right) mounting frame

Download a brochure with all details such as sizes, sample pictures, voltage etc. here.

Special solution for Freescale controller (DemoQE128 board) is available in our internt shop.

d012 - 150

The front of the display-Module: just the display, no board, no connector etc. is visible!!!


A removable mounting frame helps you mounting the module behind a front plate.

d010 seite1-150

Side view of the module. Just 11mm (0,4”) height.

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